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Business Architect, Marketing Specialist

Author, Speaker

Entrepreneur, business architect, marketing specialist, author and speaker, Robb has spent his career working with both large corporations and start-up companies. Robb lived 14 years in the Netherlands, where he worked with organizations such as Vodafone, Shell Oil, Cisco Systems and Microsoft. It was his involvement with Microsoft while employed at direct marketing giant Wunderman, that landed him in India for almost four years, where managed the marketing and strategy for Windows Vista, Microsoft Office, Windows Mobile and anti-piracy initiatives. Robb then joined the team at MRM Worldwide in India as National Director of Planning and Strategy, working with clients like Barclay’s Bank, Johnson & Johnson, and Nestle.

Robb also developed global team-building, leadership, training and coaching programs for Shell Oil and Cisco Systems which he facilitated in the Netherlands, China, Singapore and the United States. He was also involved in starting marketing and brand strategy companies in India and Tanzania. 

In his spare time, Robb enjoys travel, photography and writing and spending time with his 9-year old son. 

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